Harrow Interfaith

Holika Dahan (Holi) in Harrow
March 2020

Harrow Holocaust Memorial Event
27 Jan 2020
Harrow Arts Centre


'Planting For Peace' Jain 150th Anniversary of Gandhiji's Birth
Saturday 16th November, Kenton Recreation Ground

Interfaith Week Shabbath Service
Saturday 16th November, Kol Chai, Hatch End

'Resolving Conflict' An Interfaith Panel Discussion
14th November, Council Chamber

Remembrance Day
Sunday 10th November, Civic Centre

Battle of Britain Service of Thanksgiving
September 2019

"We Remember" The Journey of Kashmiri Pandits
September 2019

Tree Planting in Harrow
June 2019
Roxbourn Park

Armed Forces Flag Raising
June 2019
Harrow Civic Centre

Harrow Holocaust Memorial Event
28 Jan 2019 7:30pm
Harrow Arts Centre

From Darkness to Light - Harrow Interfaith's Seasonal Social Celebration
Music, Poetry, Food, Drink
Thursday 13th December 2018
North Harrow Library, 429-433 Pinner Rd, Harrow HA1 4HN

Metropolitan Police, Harrow Borough Christmas Carol Concert
Wednesday 12th December 2018
St John's Church Greenhill, Sheepcote Rd, Harrow HA1 2JE

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Interactive Public Meeting with BCU Commander - November 2018

Pre-Navratri outdoor Garba - October 2018

Paryushan Maha Parva, Jain Festival - September 2018

Harrow Ghanaian Association’s (Harga) Inauguration & Fundraising Dinner Dance - August 2018

Meeting with Harrow Humanists
June 2018

Harrow Voluntary Services Centre, The Lodge, 64 Pinner Road

13 Mar 2018 7:30pm
Harrow Civic Centre Members Lounge

Harrow Holocaust Memorial Event
29 Jan 2018 7:30pm
Harrow Arts Centre

Fasting and Feasting - the why and the how Speakers from Christian, Jain, Jewish and Muslim faith traditions
22 Nov 2017 7.30pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Visit and Tour of the Temple
19 Nov 2017 10.30- 12noon
Jain Temple, 557, Kenton Road, Kenton, Harrow, HA3 9RS

Mitzvah Day
19 Nov 2017 12:00am
Details - Anthony Kaiser 020 8420 7427

Service to mark Interfaith Week led by Rabbi Naomi Goldman
Saturday 18th November 10.30am - 12.30pm
Kol Chai Hatch End Reform Jewish Community, 434, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Pinner, HA5 4RG

Zoroastrian Remembrance Ceremony followed by a community
18 Nov 2017 10.30 - 4.00pm
Zoroastrian Centre, 440 Alexandra Ave., Rayners Lane, Harrow, HA2 9TL

Interfaith Week Event
15 Nov 2017 7:30pm
Harrow Civic Centre Council Chamber and Member's Lounge

United Act of Remembrance
12 Nov 2017 10.45am
Civic Centre War Memorial, Station Rod, Harrow, HA1 2XY: 10.45am

Remembrance Service
12 Nov 2017 10:30am
Harrow Civic Centre War Memorial

HIF Executive meeting
25 Oct 2017 7:30pm
Harrow Civic Centre Committee room 5

Harrow Baha'i Bicentennial Celebrations
Start : 21 Oct 2017 7:30pm
Pinner Memorial Hall, Chapel Lane, Pinner HA5 1AA

How we can keep as safe as possible in our neighbourhood
Start : 26 Jul 2017 7:30pm
Civic Centre, Harrow

32nd Annual Multi-Faith Pilgrimage for Peace
Start : 20 May 2017 9:15am

A conversation with peacemakers - The Bereaved Families Forum from Israel/Palestine...
Start : 8 May 2017 10:00am

HIF Annual General Meeting
Start : 16 Mar 2017 7:30pm
Members’ Lounge, Civic Centre, Harrow

“Can we call ourselves one faith?” - Christian-Muslim Forum in partnership with: The Islamic Centre of England and The London Interfaith Centre
Start : 19 Feb 2017 12:45pm

Visit my Mosque Day
Start : 5 Feb 2017 10:00am

Eva Schloss, After Auschwitz (2013)
Start : 7 Feb 2017 12:30pm
London Inter Faith Centre

"Quakernomics: An Ethical Capitalism" - Mike King, who has published several books in the field of post secularism and spirituality will speak on his latest work,…
Start : 30 Jan 2017 7:30pm

Harrow Holocaust Memorial Event - “HOW CAN LIFE GO ON?”
Start : 30 Jan 2017 7:00pm
Harrow Arts Centre

Public meeting Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board
Start : 10 Jan 2017 7:30pm
Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Defending the Faiths - Four high profile members of the community will explain major problems faced by the Jewish community and how all faiths are protected by the...
Start :
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Borough Commander's Christmas Concert
Start : 16 Dec 2015 7:30pm
St John’s Church Greenhill

Carols in the Council Chamber
Start : 14 Dec 2015 6:00pm
The Council Chamber

Question Time with the Cops - Harrow Interfaith and Harrow Police
Start : 1 Dec 2015 7:00pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

The Berakah Players, a collective of musicians from Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faith…
Start : 22 Nov 2015 7:30pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Pilgrimage Walk
Start : 20 Nov 2015 10:00am
A walk together and visit to the Intl. Siddhashram Shakti Centre, Harrow Central Mosque...

Young faith debate
Start : 19 Nov 2015 3:00pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Lunch with Fiyaz Mughal, MBE
Start : 18 Nov 2015 12:30pm
Rotary club of Edgware and Stanmore

A unique opportunity to meet members of Harrow’s faiths
Start : 17 Nov 2015 2:00pm
Living Library

HIF's Question Time - members of the Baha’i, Muslim and Sikh communities
Start : 16 Nov 2015 7:30pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Harrow Interfaith: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow In words, illustration and music
15 Nov 2017 7.30 - 9.30pm
Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XY

Rotary Club lunch
15 Nov 2017 12.20 - 1.45pm
Stanmore Golf Club

Study session at Shabbat morning service
Start : 14 Nov 2015 10:30am
Kol Chai Hatch End Reform Jewish Community, 434, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, Pinner, HA5 4RG

Gandhi Peace Walk
Start : 2 Oct 2015 11:30am
Gita Foundation

Dedication of St. Ethelburga’s rose
Start : 23 Jun 2015 7:00pm
St. John the Evangelist

World Interfaith Harmony Week - service at Golders Green Unitarian
Start : 1 Feb 2015 11:00am
Golders Green Unitarian Church

Memorial Service
Start : 7 Jan 2015 7:30pm
Harrow Civic Centre, Council Chamber

We remember too
Start : 9 Nov 2014 2:00pm
International Siddhashram Shakti Centre

Music of the Faiths
Start : 25 Jun 2014 12:00am
London Interfaith Centre

Launch of the Jewish Living Experience - Pinner
Start : 9 Jun 2014 12:00am
The Board of Deputies of British Jews/Pinner Synagogue

Launch of the friendly places pledge
Start : 4 Mar 2014 2:30pm
NCVO Society Building

Question Time - The religious perspective
Start : 3 Feb 2014 6:00pm
Brahma Kumaris, Global Co-operation House

Harrow LSCB Annual Conference 2014
Start : 21 Jan 2014 9:15am
Harrow Teachers Centre

Carols in the Council Chamber organised by CID (Christians in Discussion)
Start : 16 Dec 2013 6:00pm
Harrow Council Chamber

Rotary Club lunch
Start : 15 Nov 2017 12;20pm
Stanmore Golf Club, 26 Gordon AVenue, Stanmore, HA7 2RL

Young Jains event - Controlling your freedom
Start : 14 Dec 2013 12:00am

Niland Conference Centre
Mahavir Foundation - Annual Day of Jain School
Start : 8 Dec 2013 3:00pm
Kingsbury High School

Inter Faith Week 2013 - 17 to 23 November
Start : 21 Nov 2013 7:00pm
Middlesex New Synagogue

Swami Vivekananda - 150th Birth Anniversary
Start : 17 Nov 2013 11:00am
Zoroastrian Centre

Brent Interfaith Pilgrimage
Start : 10 Nov 2013 2:30pm
St Anne's & St Andrews

Multispace spaces meeting
Start : 6 Nov 2013 3:30pm
The Tent at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace

Eid ul Adha Event
Start : 2 Nov 2013 7:00pm
Harrow Central Mosque

Seeing Diwali in a different light
Start : 25 Oct 2013 7:45pm
Shree Mahavirswami Jain Temple

World Interfaith Harmony Week — service at Golders Green Unitarian
Start :
Golders Green Unitarian Church