Harrow Interfaith



Our aim is to build understanding and respect among faiths in Harrow.

Harrow Interfaith is a voluntary organisation established in 1984. HIF consists of individuals and representatives of faith groups who fulfil the requirements of the organisation.

HARROW INTERFAITH works with the Harrow Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) and contributes to religious education and collective worship in schools. HIF encourages young people in their youth organisations, faith communities, local colleges and universities to participate in interfaith activities. HIF works to solve problems experienced by local faith communities in the practice of their religion.

We welcome people of all faiths and none.


01 Jan Circumcision of Jesus Christian
01 Jan Ganjitsu Japanese
02-13 Jan Guru Gobind Singh, Birthday of Sikh
05-12 Jan Methodist Annual Covenant Service Christian - Methodist
06 Jan Epiphany Christian
06 Jan Christmas Eve Christian - Orthodox Rastafarian
07 Jan Christmas Day Christian - Orthodox Rastafarian
12 Jan Baptism of Christ/The Lord Christian
12 Jan Swami Vivekananda Birthday Hindu
13-14 Jan Makar Sankrant/Lohri Hindu
16 Jan Shinran Memorial Day Buddhist
18-25 Jan Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Christian
19 Jan World Religion Day National
25 Jan Chunjie/Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Chinese
25 Jan Honen Memorial Day Buddhist
25 Jan Yuan Tan Chinese
25-27 Jan Losar Buddhist
27 Jan Holocaust Memorial Day National
29 Jan Sarasvati Puja/Vasant Panchami Hindu
30 Jan Jashn-e Sadeh Zoroastrian - Iranian
01 Feb Imbolc/Candlemas (Presentation Christ in Temple) Pagan Christian
03 Feb Setsubun/Bean Scattering Japanese
08 Feb Teng Chieh (Lantern Festival) Chinese
08 Feb Yuanxiaojie Chinese
08-15 Feb Parinirvana Buddhist
09 Feb Magha Puja Buddhist
09-10 Feb Vasant/Basant Namdhari Sikh
10 Feb Tu B’Shevat Jewish
21 Feb Mahashivaratri Hindu
25 Feb Shrove Tuesday Christian
26 Feb Ash Wednesday Christian
26 Feb-02 Mar Lent Christian
01 Mar St David’s Day National
02 Mar Lent, first Day of/Great Lent Christian - Orthodox
03 Mar Hinamatsuri Japanese
06 Mar Women’s World Day of Prayer Christian
09-10 Mar Purim Jewish
10 Mar Holi Hindu
10-11 Mar Hola Mahalla/Mohalla Sikh
11-20 Mar Fravardigan/Muktad Zoroastrian – Iranian
17 Mar St Patrick’s Day National
18-24 Mar Higan/Shunbun-No Hi (Spring) Japanese
19 Mar St Joseph’s Day Christian
20 Mar Naw-Ruz Baha’i
20 Mar Spring Equinox/Vernal Equinox/Ostara Pagan Druid
21 Mar Jamshedi NoRuz Zoroastrian
22 Mar Lailat-ul-Isra’ - The Prophet’s Night Journey Muslim
22 Mar Mothering Sunday Christian
22 Mar Prophet’s Night Journey - Lailat-ul-Isra’ Muslim
23 Mar Ava Mah Parab/Aban Jashan Zoroastrian
25 Mar Blessed Virgin Mary, Annunciation to the Christian
Christian - Roman Catholic
Christian - Orthodox
25 Mar Lady Day National
26 Mar Khordad Sal Zoroastrian - Iranian
29 Mar Passion Sunday Christian
02 Apr Rama Navami Hindu
04 Apr Quingmingjie/Ch’ing Ming (Festival of Pure Brightness) Chinese
04 Apr Tomb Sweeping Day Chinese
05 Apr Palm Sunday Christian
05-11 Apr Holy Week Christian
06 Apr Mahavira Jayanti Jain
08 Apr Hanamatsuri Buddhist
08 Apr Hanuman Jayanti Hindu
08 Apr Lailat-ul-Bara’h, The Night of Forgiveness Muslim
08 Apr Night of Forgiveness - Lailat-ul-Bara’h Muslim
09 Apr Maundy Thursday Christian
09-16 Apr Pesach/Passover Jewish
10 Apr Good Friday Christian
11 Apr Holy Saturday Christian
12 Apr Easter Day Christian - Western Churches
13-15 Apr Songkran Buddhist
14 Apr Vaisakhi/Baisakhi Sikh
19 Apr Easter Day/Pascha Christian Christian - Eastern Orthodox Rastafarian
20 Apr-01 May Ridvan Baha’i
21 Apr Adar Mah Parab Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
21 Apr Yom Ha-Shoah Jewish
23 Apr St George’s Day National
24 Apr-23 May Ramadan Muslim
29 Apr Yom Ha’Atzma’ut Jewish
30 Apr May Eve Pagan
01 May Beltaine Pagan Druid
07 May Vesakha Puja/Wesak/Buddha Day Buddhist
07 May Wesak Buddhist
10-16 May Christian Aid Week Christian
12 May Lag B’Omer Jewish
15 May Lailat-ul-Qadr Muslim - Shi‘a
19 May Lailat-ul-Qadr Muslim - Sunni
21 May Ascension Day Christian - Western Christian - Roman Catholic Christian - Orthodox
23 May Zaratosht-no-diso Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
24 May Eid-ul-Fitr, Festival of Fast Breaking Muslim
28 May Baha’u’llah, Anniversary of the Ascension of Baha’i
29-30 May Shavuot Jewish
31 May Pentecost/Whitsuntide Christian - Western
07 Jun Pentecost Christian - Orthodox
07 Jun Trinity Sunday Christian
11 Jun Corpus Christi Christian - Anglican Christian - Roman Catholic
11 Jun Thanksgiving for Inst. of Holy Communion Anglican
16 Jun Guru Arjan, Martyrdom of Sikh
20 Jun Midsummer Solstice Pagan Druid
20-21 Jun Midsummer Day National
21 Jun World Humanist Day National
23 Jun Ratha Yatra Hindu
25 Jun Duanwujie/Tuan Yang Chieh (Dragon Boat Festival) Chinese
01 Jul Jashn-e Tirgan/Tir Jashan Zoroastrian – Iranian
03-12 Jul Dhul-Hijjah - First ten Days Muslim
05 Jul Asalha Puja/Dharma Day Buddhist
13-15 Jul O-bon Japanese (not Tokyo)
19 Jul Bab, Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Baha’i
23 Jul Haile Selassie I, Birthday of Rastafarian
24 Jul Chokor Buddhist
28 Jul-02 Aug Hajj Muslim
30 Jul Tisha B’Av Jewish
31 Jul-04 Aug Eid-ul-Adha, The Festival of Sacrifice Muslim
30 Jul Yaum-Arafah Muslim
01 Aug Lammas/Lughnasadh Wiccan Pagan
03 Aug Raksha Bandhan Hindu
06 Aug Transfiguration Christian
06-15 Aug Fravardigan/Muktad Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
07 Aug Harvest Festival Christian
08 Aug Eid ul Ghadeer Muslim
12 Aug Janmashtami / Krishna Jayanti Hindu
13-15 Aug O-bon Japanese (in Tokyo)
15 Aug Dormition/Blessed Virgin Mary, Assumption of the Christian - Orthodox
16 Aug Navroze Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
16-23 Aug Paryushan Parva Jain
21 Aug Khordad Sal Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
22 Aug Al-Hijra / Islamic New Year Muslim
22 Aug Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu
23 Aug Samvatsari Jain
25 Aug Qixijie/Ch’i Hou Chieh (Double Seven Festival) Chinese
01 Sep Chung Ch’iu / Rabbit in the Moon Festival Chinese
01 Sep Installation of Sikh Scripture in Harmandir Sahib Sikh
02 Sep Zhohgyuanjie/Chung Yuan / Festival of Hungry Ghosts Chinese
03 Sep Fravardin Mah Parab Zoroastrian - Shahenshai
10 Sep Ashura Muslim
11 Sep Ethiopian New Year’s Day Rastafarian
18 Sep Bab, Anniversary of the Birth of the Baha’i
19 Sep Bab, Anniversary of the Declaration of Baha’i
19-20 Sep Rosh Hashanah Jewish
20-26 Sep Higan/Shubun-No Hi/Autumn Japanese
22 Sep Mabon (Autumn Equinox) Pagan Wiccan Druid
23 Sep Shubun No Hi (Autumn) Japanese
28 Sep Yom Kippur Jewish
29 Sep Michaelmas Day National
01 Oct Jashn-e Mehergan or Mihr Jashan Zoro.–Iranian
01 Oct Pavarana Buddhist
01 Oct Zhongqiujie (Rabbit in the Moon Festival) Chinese
02 Oct Gandhi Jayanti Hindu
03-10 Oct Sukkot Jewish
09 Oct Herd Boy and Weaving Maid Chinese
11 Oct Simchat Torah Jewish
17-25 Oct Navaratri Hindu
20 Oct Conferring of Guruship on Guru Granth Sahib Sikh
20 Oct Inter Faith Week of Prayer for World Peace
22-26 Oct Durga Puja Hindu
25 Oct Chongyangjie – Picnic in a High Place Chinese
25 Oct Ch’ung Yang / Picnic in a High Place Festival Chinese
25 Oct Dussehra/Vijaya Dashami Hindu
25 Oct Hindu
29 Oct Muhammad, Birthday of Muslim - Sunni Milad-ul Nabi
30 Oct Anapanasati Day Buddhist
31 Oct Halloween Wiccan Pagan
31 Oct Samhain / Samhuinn Wiccan Pagan Druid
31 Oct Winter Nights Heathen
01 Nov All Saints’ Day Christian
01 Nov Loy Kratong Buddhist
02 Nov All Souls’ Day Christian
02 Nov Haile Selassie I, Crowning of Rastafarian
03 Nov Muhammad, Birthday of Muslim - Shi’a Milad-ul-Nabi
08 Nov Remembrance Day National
08-15 Nov Interfaith Week
14 Nov Bandi Chhor Divas Sikh
14 Nov Divali/Deepavali Hindu Jain
15 Nov Shichi-go-san Japanese
24 Nov Guru Tegh Bahadur, Martyrdom of Sikh
29 Nov Advent Sunday Christian
30 Nov Guru Nanak, Birthday of Sikh
30 Nov St Andrew’s Day National
08 Dec Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception Christian
08 Dec Bodhi Day Buddhist
10 Dec Human Rights Day National
11-18 Dec Hanukah Jewish
21 Dec Winter Solstice Druid
21 Dec Yule Wiccan Pagan
24 Dec Christmas Eve Christian
25 Dec Christmas Day Christian and National
26 Dec Zaratosht-no-diso Zoroastrian - Iranian
31 Dec Hogmanay National
31 Dec Omisoka Japanese
Deepest Condolences

April 9th 2021 seemed like any normal day until we heard the really sad news that Prince Philip had suddenly,quietly slipped away at 9am,at Windsor Castle.It was quite a shock even though he had been in hospital for a month and had been back just three short weeks.Somehow we expected he would always be around,beside our Queen.One cannot begin to imagine her grief and sense of huge loss.She has said it has left a huge void in her life.The Duke of Edinburgh is irreplacable.

Once the initial shock had worn off,condolences poured in from all four corners of the world.Every channel is speaking about him and admiring him ever more.

On behalf of Harrow Interfaith,I offer deepest condolences to our beloved Queen and the Royal family who have lost their Patriarch and have nothing but loving memories of his wonderful years with them.The admiration and warmth with which he is being remembered has become very evident these past few days and has made us all realise what a many faceted jewel he was.I am sure we all have learned plenty of new things about Prince Philip.

As Queen Elizabeth said on their Golden Anniversary " he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years" and that she,her whole family ,our nation and so many other countries owed him a debt of gratitude greater than he would ever claim or we shall ever know.That was in 1997.I have repeated this, for it is as valid today as it was then.He has been her "Rock".

His selfless service and duty as Queen's Consort speak volumes of the extraordinary man who had so much to offer and gave up his career willingly,knowing he could have made a big success of it.His contributions are too numerous to list.The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards is really one of his best legacies to the world with opportunities galore provided to youngsters.

Very moved by the manner in which the 41 Gun Salute was carried out with Military precision and by the floral tributes from the general public.These are a testament of the towering personality Prince Philip was.

Let us pray for the Duke of Edinburgh to Rest in Everlasting Peace and for his beloved wife and family to accept his passing with fortitude and Grace.He has gone,leaving an indelible mark in all our hearts.

God bless Prince Philip and our Royal family.The close of a very important chapter in our history.

With prayers
Sonoo Malkani
Chair Harrow Interfaith.

Statement on The death of RH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Following the sad news about the death of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Co-Chairs have issued, on behalf of the Board, the following statement:
On behalf of the Board of the Inter Faith Network for the UK, we express our great sadness at the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and extend our deepest sympathies to Her Majesty The Queen and to the Royal Family.

The tributes from those of many faiths that are today being shared are a testimony to the wide appreciation among the UK’s faith communities of his life of service and the significance of faith within that.

Among Prince Philip’s many achievements through the years has been the consistent encouragement of inter faith dialogue – both through the conversations and conferences at St George’s House Windsor and through foresighted initiatives focusing on issues such as faith and international business ethics and religion and the environment.

We express our great gratitude for the significant contribution of Prince Philip to the development of inter faith understanding and cooperation for the common good: one that is of ever greater importance in our increasingly diverse society and interconnected world. The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark and Narendra Waghela, Co-Chairs, Inter Faith Network for the UK

The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark and Narendra Waghela, Co-Chairs
Inter Faith Network for the UK

Harrow Vaccinations Together

Watch the video by clicking below.

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Some of our Harrow Interfaith members were invited to join hands with Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group(CCG) by GP, Dr Hannah Bundock and two of her medical students from Imperial College,to help produce a video, along with some other members across the community of Harrow.

Holocaust Memorial Day
January 27th 2020 - 6.30pm

Theme: Be A Light In The Darkness
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